Phone consultation

A one-time consultation is suitable for situations of crisis. It also offers flexibility for those who are not yet sure whether long-term therapy is the right choice or those wanting to get to know the therapist before the actual process starts.

Online session

Book a therapy, counselling or crisis intervention session online.

Personal session

A therapy or counselling session and one-time crisis intervention on a meeting in person. The session takes place in Reykjavík.


Therapy sessions are long-term oriented. They focus comprehensively on problems in order to ease difficulties and increase overall life satisfaction.
 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a solution-focused approach. The goal of therapy is the acquisition of knowledge and skills that turn the client into their own therapist, make them understand their difficulties, and solve their problems with more clarity.
  Scheme therapy is long-term in comparison. The goal is a deeper understanding of one’s own personality structures.

Psychological counselling

Counselling, as opposed to therapy, is more informative. Its aim is not to change personality structures but rather to provide objective information about psychological topics. The goal is self-improvement or better insight into one’s psyche. It is designed both for those who want to develop themselves and those who are facing a specific problem they cannot understand or they just do not want to deal with it alone. Counselling is a one-time or short-term type of work.

Crisis intervention

A short-term intervention session focused on an acute issue is suitable for those finding themselves in an actual crisis situation. Such a situation can be a sudden illness, loss or uncertainty of any kind. In crisis intervention, the goal is to navigate through the stress-causing situation and rediscovering the right direction. The aim is psychological stabilization here and now, it is not a long-term process to change behavioral structures and personality. It usually takes place once, with the maximum number of sessions being three. Intervention can also be part of therapy sessions.

Psychological development and therapy are in general complicated topics. In case you did not find answers to your questions or a suitable service, do not hesitate to reach out. Together we can find the right answers.