Telephone consultation

Are you thinking about therapy, but are having doubts? You may be unsure if therapy is the right thing for you. You may want to find out who is on the other side of the phone and whether you will get along with me as a therapist. A telephone consultation can help you with this decision. A difficult situation has arisen and you don’t know how to deal with it? Do you need someone to listen and would you like to discuss this? For such cases, a one-off telephone crisis intervention is appropriate.

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Personal session​

Do you want to meet me in person? I offer therapeutic or counseling sessions or one-time crisis intervention. You can find a more comprehensive explanation of those terms below. Have you made your decision? Book a personal meeting that takes place at my office in Hafnarfjörður.
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Online session

Do you feel that it is too difficult to go somewhere now, or you just prefer online environment? Online therapy can have many advantages and disadvantages. Find out if it’s right for you and then just book a session. You will find a link to the online meeting in the confirmation e-mail. I recommend reading what to prepare for before the session.
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Psychological help​

Mental health is very important, and I would like it to be available to everyone. That is why I offer a limited number of sessions covered by a grant. Are you in a difficult financial situation? Are you unemployed, a student or have you left your country and are you going through a difficult period? Describe your situation in the questionnaire and together we will try to find a suitable solution for you. Is your situation related to LGBT + issues? Book a session at Samtökin ‘78.

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You are having a difficult time, going through a difficult stressful situation and it is just too much for you. Maybe someone left you or you lost something, maybe an illness came and you are hurting. If you are upset by something unpleasant now, crisis intervention or psychological first aid can help. These are short-term, problem-oriented sessions that will take you through a stressful event and help you find the right direction. Crisis intervention is meant to prevent your situation from getting worse.


Your goal does not have to be to turn your life completely around to ask for help. Maybe there is a situation you don’t know how to deal with and you would like some help solving it, maybe you want to get better at something, maybe you just don’t want to be alone and you feel that psychological advice will help you. Psychological counseling is meant for exactly that. It is rather a short-term or irregular form of cooperation. Compared to therapy, counseling is more informative and uses verified objective information rather than trying to change your personality. Nonetheless, you can also learn a lot about yourself.


Therapeutic sessions are longer-term, more comprehensive, and generally seek to improve life satisfaction. My background is evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy, which I enrich with methods from schema therapy, positive psychology and the third wave. If these are words that are unknown to you (or even vulgar), don’t worry. In short, it is about getting to know yourself better, understanding your thoughts, emotions and behaviors, and improving your skills to deal with difficult situations in life. The relationship between the client and the therapist, i.e. you and me, becomes an extremely important element. Therefore, be honest with yourself and imagine how I can help you and if you want to work with me.
Psychological development and therapy are generally complicated topics. If you have not found the answer to your questions or the service suitable for you, do not hesitate to reach out. Together we can try to find the right solution just for you.