PhDr. Ivana Goláňová

Graduated from psychology, I am a CBT therapist, crisis intervention counselor and an endless student of psychology.

Being a traveler, my approach in therapy and counseling is influenced by long term stays in different countries. That is why I am drawn to working online with people from all around the world. Originally from Czechia, I used to live in Spain and Mexico, and Iceland is my home. I speak Czech, English, and Spanish and I conduct my consultations in all those languages. It is absolutely natural for me to do so. I believe that language can bring its magic into the conversation. I enjoy different cultural aspects and adaptation to a new environment. Moreover, I like working with people who do not perceive relationships and sexuality as a monotonous constant and differ from the generally accepted norm.

By believing in the basic principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, I wish that everyone could become their own therapist. My aim in short-term work is gaining a greater sense of client’s self-understanding and adoption of appropriate coping strategies and methods to their situation. Nevertheless, responsibility towards oneself is what I refer to even in long-term collaboration. I want to be your guide, slowly process what hurts and, step by step, work towards a deeper understanding. I am flexible in my approach, and I will appreciate if you share your opinion or wish. As a therapist, I find the aha moment the most fulfilling, when things connect… and then all is clear.

I am convinced that therapy is a process which does not conclude with the end of the session but continues outside of it as well, so I often tend to give homework. The method of expressive writing and its variants would be my favorite approach. And I write myself too. Apart from self-insightful poetry appreciated mainly by my grandmother and a therapeutic-prose piece rather appreciated by no one, I am the author of an artistic linguistic encyclopedia about Icelandic mountains, Listlandi.

Mood, anxiety, anger, perfectionism, personality and relationships, difficulties with eating habits and addictions.

Online therapy, cross-cultural therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, schema therapy, positive psychology, crisis intervention.

In English, Spanish, Czech, and hopefully soon in Icelandic.

Poly-aware, LGBTQIA-friendly.

2021   Listlandi project co-author

2023 –   Icelandic Psychological Association

2022 –   Icelandic Association for Psychotherapy  SALM

2022 –   Czech Association for Psychotherapy  CZAP
Czech Republic

2008 –   Czech Family Planning Association SPRSV
Czech Republic

2010–2015   International Planned Parenthood Federation IPPF
International organization

2021 –   doctoral program
Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic   Clinical and Health Psychology

2021   PhDr.
Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic   Clinical and Health Psychology

2019–2021   MA
Center of Cognitive Psychotherapy
Cancún, Mexico   Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Schema Therapy

2012–2018   Mgr.
Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic   Clinical and Health Psychology

2018   international exchange program
Monterrey Institute of Technology

Monterrey, Mexico   Clinical and Health Psychology

2015–2016   Erasmus+ exchange program
Faculty of Psychology, University of Granada

Granada, Spain

2021   Schema Therapy Course, Center of Cognitive Psychotherapy
Cancún, México

2020   Applied Positive Psychology Course, European Institute of Positive Psychology
Madrid, Spain

2014   Complete Crisis Intervention Course, Déčko
Prague, Czech Republic   accreditation for social worker in crisis intervention according to 108/2006 Sb.

2023 –   Heilsugæslan, DOMUS MEDICA
Reykjavík, Iceland   Psychological counseling for immigrants

2022 –   Therapy line Sluchátko
Czech Republic, telehealth   Work on a psychotherapy support line

2022 –   Samtökin ’78
Reykjavík, Iceland   Psychological counseling in LBTQ+ topics

2021 –   Psychological Counseling Center, Faculty of Arts, Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic   Individual counseling and therapy for students and faculty employees

2021 –   Icelandic Red Cross
Reykjavík, Iceland   Volunteer in the Women’s group program for asylum seekers

2017–2019   National Institute of Mental Health NÚDZ
Klecany, Czech Republic   Analytical-Rumination Hypothesis research intern

2018   Institute of Mental Health IPSAME
Monterrey, Mexico   Private clinic for mood disorders intern

2018   Psychiatry Unit URP
Monterrey, Mexico   Psychology intern in a psychiatry unit

2016   Mind, Brain and Behavior Research CIMCYC, University of Granada
Granada, Spain   Sleep laboratory research intern

2016   Proyecto Hombre
Granada, Spain   Drug addiction treatment center intern

2016   Alzheimer Granada ALTAAMID
Granada, Spain   Association for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia intern

2015   Casa Basida
Navahondilla, Spain   Social service in a community for HIV positive

2014–2015   PečujemeDOMA
Prague, Czech Republic   Cognitive trainer for clients with Alzheimer disease

2008–2015   Czech Family Planning Association SPRSV Czech Republic   Peer educator in primary prevention, project manager

2011–2012   Faculty of Humanities, Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic   Laboratory of Interspecies Communication intern

2012   Drop In
Prague, Czech Republic   Harm reduction center for addictions intern

2010   Iskérka
Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Czech Republic   Art therapy workshops in a social center for mentally ill

2007–2010   PEER Program Vsetín, Pedagogical psychological counseling Valašské Meziříčí
District of Vsetín, Czech Republic   Peer educator in primary prevention programs about risk behavior